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Real-world Riding Experience
In our lessons, not only will
you learn true western riding
but also common skills
necessary when you are in
the arena, on the trail, or
working the ranch.
Stay in the Saddle is about You and here for YOU - the RIDER!
Stay in the Saddle teaches the most balanced seat, giving you a foundation to make the most of
your riding. Increase your competitive edge by learning how to move with and enable your
horse, reduce risk of injury and fear, and build a level of confidence that you have yet to find.
Every discipline and every experience level improves with the Stay in the Saddle method.
Meet Janel Brookshire
Contrary to most horse trainers and instructors that you see and hear, I teach lessons that focus
not on the horse but on the student.  All the fancy maneuvers that can be accomplished on a
horse are nothing without a good seat.  I am primarily self-taught meaning that I have spent
years through trial and error, experimenting with all the new methods and fads that are constantly
bombarding horsemen and have developed the most safe and successful seat to date. Ask any
Stay in the Saddle student. Guaranteed!
If you want to succeed in Comfort, Communication, Control and Confidence - I have what you
need.  Stay in the Saddle is western riding lessons for YOU, the rider!
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About Us page.
Teaching True Western Riding Lessons to All Ages
Welcome to Stay in the Saddle!
Stay in the Saddle will help advise you on your first horse purchase
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                        UPCOMING OPPORTUNITIES
Private Riding Lessons
Our workshops are designed to offer something for everyone,
however, if you would prefer private attention - Contact Janel
today! An equine professional in every sense of the word - an
hour spent with Janel is the best investment in you and your horse.
Need your Horse Conditioned?
Contact Janel to work your horse, get the edge off, and prep for
your riding season.
Horse and Rider Solutions
Do you have a "broke horse" that you cannot do anything with? Has it
caused you fear, disappointment or frustration?
You know, however, that sending your horse to a "trainer" will get you
one thing, your horse will listen to the trainer. And only the trainer.
What can you do?
Horse and Rider Solutions puts you in the drivers seat. YOU make the
changes happen.
                      NEW Offerings from Stay in the Saddle!
Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome as we seek to offer what you are needing!
Extensive Ground and In-Hand Work
Tired of your horse walking all over you?  Done with the
constant disrespect, refusal to load or dangerous ground behavior?
Stay in the Saddle is teaming up with Lead the Way Horsemanship
to help you get the best handle on your horse and get the results
you want for safety, respect and functionality.
Janel Brookshire's 15 year in-depth
teaching experience, combined with her
bachelor degrees in fitness and
psychology make her the obvious choice
to assist you in becoming your best.
Also a fantastic opportunity for wellness
and physical conditioning - developing
core strength, improving back pain, and
making you feel AWESOME!
So much planned for 2015! Mom's Group, Bareback Club, Guided